Endowment Fund

Started in 1938, the South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (SAAOG) remains an institution of which hundreds of clinicians are proud to say they are members. Many famous and revered physicians have been members of this prestigious organization.

In 2017, the Executive Committee of SAAOG re-established SAAOG’s Endowment Fund to ensure that the organization will be around for many years to come. SAAOG will continue to offer top-notch education and enhance the care of patients through its meetings and membership, with a goal of attracting younger clinicians in the field to become members and take advantage of all that SAAOG has to offer.

Please consider donating to the SAAOG Endowment Fund. The generous support of our donors is one of the most critical factors to the South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologist’s success. The SAAOG gratefully acknowledges the donors whose contributions enable us to secure the future so that we may continue our mission of education, awareness, and research in understanding and improving the quality of obstetrical and gynecological care for women. Donors will be acknowledged at the Black Tie Dinner and Dance held each year in conjunction with the SAAOG Annual Meeting, as well as on the SAAOG website and on appropriate print materials.

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