2024 Abstract Archive

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Abstract Type: Podium Presentation
Title Abstract File Primary Abstract Author
Specimen Extraction Techniques Utilized in Minimally Invasive Surgery for Women with Uterine Cancer and an Enlarged Uterus PDF icon Hoffman, Mitchel Abstract.pdf Mitchel S. Hoffman, MD
Immediate Postpartum LARC devices and the Choose Well Grant: Characteristics associated with LARC continuation ≥12 months PDF icon Baucom, Anna Abstract.pdf Anna Baucom, BAS
Improving Postpartum Visit Attendance Rate: A Quality Improvement Study PDF icon Rhomberg, Mary Beth Abstract.pdf Mary Beth Rhomberg, MD
Postpartum Care Quality: Real-Time Postpartum Symptom Monitoring through Gator MOMitorTM PDF icon Roussos-Ross, Kay Abstract.pdf Kay Roussos-Ross, MD
Hormone Therapy for those at High Risk for Estrogen Sensitive Breast Cancer PDF icon Kesavan, Malviak Abstract - Hormone.pdf Malviak Kesavan, MD
Utilizing Technology to Improve the Patient and Provider Experience PDF icon Guillory, Paige Abstract.pdf Paige Guillory, MD, MPH
Creating a TOLAC Bundle PDF icon Ahsan, Henna Abstract.pdf Henna Ahsan, MD
Abstract Type: Poster Hall
Title Abstract File Primary Abstract Author
Case Report: Clinical Management of Gitelman Syndrome in Pregnancy PDF icon Tran, Diane Abstract.pdf Diane Tran, MS-4
Alexis O-Ring Wound Retractor Utility in Groin Node Dissection PDF icon Foulger, Landon Abstract.pdf Landon Foulger, DO
Perinatal microbial colonization of the mouse colon and corresponding hypothalamic activation PDF icon Ronczkowski, Nicole Abstract.pdf Nicole Ronczkowski, MS
A Comparison of Patient Self Swab vs. Provider Swab for GBS status: An analysis of patient preference and sensitivity comparison PDF icon Ursa, AJ Abstract.pdf AJ Ursa
Do Contoured LEEP Electrodes Improve The Quality of Specimens?: A Quality Improvement Project PDF icon Mamelson, Kelly Abstract.pdf Kelly Mamelson, MD
Does Quantitative Blood Loss have greater clinical utility than Estimated Blood Loss in High Risk Populations? PDF icon Threlkeld, Lindsey Abstract.pdf Lindsey Threlkeld, MD
A Rare Traumatic Second Trimester Uterine Rupture of an Unscarred Pregnant Uterus PDF icon Alford, Hannah Abstract.pdf Hannah Alford, MD
Treatment Resistant Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy PDF icon Stephens, Claudia Abstract.pdf Claudia Stephens, BA
Incorporating Social Determinants of Health into Prenatal Care PDF icon MIller, Tiffani Abstract.pdf Tiffani-Amber Miller, MD, MPH
Evisceration of sigmoid epiploica through vaginal cuff dehiscence misdiagnosed as vaginal prolapse leading to delay of care PDF icon Setree, Sydney Abstract.pdf Sydney Setree, DO
Examination of patient use of an OB/GYN evaluation center inside a freestanding children’s and women’s hospital PDF icon Smith, Cullen Abstract.pdf Brennan S. Smith, BA
Lack of Standardization in Maternity Leave and Postpartum Resources May Contribute to Rising Infertility in Female Physicians PDF icon Vayalapalli, Ankita Abstract.pdf Ankita Vayalapalli, BS
Type IV Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and a Fragile Uterus PDF icon Smith, Cullen Abstract.pdf Cullen Smith, BS
Resolution of recurrent endometrial polyposis after the use of leuprolide acetate PDF icon Navitski, Anastasia Abstract.pdf Anastasia Navitski, MD
Melanoma in Pregnancy PDF icon Dubey, Shresttha Abstract.pdf Shresttha Dubey, BS
Are we “pushing” our patients toward addiction? A post-cesarean study to quantify narcotic requirements for pain control PDF icon Nurani, Aliya Abstract.pdf Aliya Nurani, MD
Perimenopause Changes Leading Up to the Transition PDF icon Pinkerton, JoAnn Abstract.pdf JoAnn V. Pinkerton, MD
Umbilical Artery Classification Using Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. PDF icon Calhoun, Byron Abstract.pdf Byron C. Calhoun, MD
Second Trimester Pregnancy Complicated by Spontaneous Bowel Perforation and Colectomy in a Patient with Ulcerative Colitis PDF icon Fincher, A Abstract- Second.pdf A. Tanner Fincher, MD
Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy PDF icon Fincher, A Abstract- Transcatheter.pdf A. Tanner Fincher, MD
Sequestering the Diagnosis of Extralobar Bronchopulmonary Sequestration PDF icon Fincher, A Abstract- Sequestering.pdf A. Tanner Fincher, MD
CALL TO ACTION ON ISOLATED UVV: Is Near Term Delivery Warranted Universally? PDF icon Quinn, Kristen Abstract.pdf Kristen H. Quinn, MD, MS
Refractory HELLP Syndrome with Acute Postpartum Rebound Transaminitis Concerning for Hepatic Rupture PDF icon Fincher, A Abstract- Refractory.pdf A. Tanner Fincher, MD