2022 Abstract Archive

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Abstract Type: Poster Hall
Title Abstract File Primary Abstract Authorsort descending
Does the use of earplug-aided tocodynamometers improve labor outcomes? PDF icon Barley, Abigail.pdf Abigail Barley
In Utero Diagnosis of Fetal Bladder Exstrophy PDF icon Dye, Alex.pdf Alex Dye
Midpregnancy placental thickness and risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes PDF icon Bush, Benjamin.pdf Benjamin Bush, MD
Minimally Invasive Surgery for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: Big Gains from Small Incisions Abstract not provided Daniel Lovell, MD, MS
Improving resident confidence in the in-office uterine aspiration procedure PDF icon Bagwell, Kayla.pdf Kayla Bagwell, MD
Patient Attitudes Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy Abstract not provided Shannon Mccloskey
Abstract Type: Podium Presentation
Title Abstract File Primary Abstract Authorsort descending
A Unique Case of a Patient with Rh Alloimmunization in Six Pregnancies, None of which Developed HDFN or Anemia PDF icon Uceda, Anamaria.pdf Anamaria D. Uceda, MD
Incidental Finding of OHVIRA Syndrome with Concurrent Large B-Cell Lymphoma in Suspected Ovarian Torsion PDF icon Levy, Benjamin.pdf Benjamin Levy, MD
HPV Vaccination Rates at a Large, Public University: a Quality Improvement Project PDF icon Rozycki, Diane.pdf Diane Rozycki, MD; Katherine Peng, MD
An Evaluation of Transfusion Rates and Indications on Labor and Delivery PDF icon Jernigan, Katherine.pdf Katherine Jernigan, MD
Syringocystadenoma Papilliferum of the Vulva: an Extremely Rare Vulvar Tumor PDF icon Bagwell, Kayla_2.pdf Kayla Bagwell, MD
Spontaneous Pregnancy Rates After Hysterosalpingogram and Saline-Infusion Sonohysterogram in Infertile Women PDF icon Griswold, Lauren.pdf Lauren H. Griswold, MD
Improved Compliance with Hemoglobin A1c vs. 2-Hour Glucose Tolerance Testing in the Postpartum Period PDF icon Lincoln, Maggie.pdf Maggie Anderson Lincoln, MD
Management of Intraoperative Ureteral Injury and Resection on an Academic Gynecologic Oncology Service PDF icon Hoffman, Mitchel.pdf Mitchel Hoffman, MD
Case of Intravenous Lipoleiomyomatosis in a Postmenopausal Female PDF icon Seman, Natalie.pdf Natalie S. Seman, MS-4