2021 Abstract Archive

Due to COVID-19 the 2021 SAAOG Annual Meeting was canceled for safety of our membership. The following abstracts were originally accepted for the 2021 South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Meeting.

Abstract Type: Podium Presentation: All authors selected for a podium presentation were invited to submit a recording of their presentation that they would have delivered from the podium at the live meeting. You can review those that were submitted below.

Abstract Type: Poster Hall: All authors selected for a poster presentation were invited to submit a version of their poster. You can review those that were submitted below.

Abstract Type: Podium Presentation
Title Abstract Filesort descending Primary Abstract Author
The Role of Clindamycin in Group B Strep Treatment: Data from an Institution Wide Implemented Protocol File Barker, Joseph.pptx Joseph Barker, MD
Extremely Rare case of Cecal perforation following an Uncomplicated Vaginal delivery File Bush, Morgan.pptx Morgan Bush, MS4
Periviable Birth in the North Carolina Triad: Do Outcomes Vary by Birth Etiology? File Ferry, Katie.pptx Kathleen Ferry, MD
Ovarian Torsion: Can we Save the Ovary? File Novoa, Maria.pptx Maria Novoa, MD
Perplexing Case of Tubal Infertility Following Bariatric Surgery File Poch, Alexandra.pptx Alexandra Poch, MD
Concurrent, Extra-pelvic Endometriosis of the Umbilicus and Catamenial Pneumothorax File Rogers, DeWitt.pptx DeWitt Rogers, MD, PGY-3
The 2017 American College of Cardiology / American Heart Association’s revised Hypertension Guidelines and its implications in Pregnancy File Walden, Paul.pptx Paul Walden, MD
Abstract Type: Poster Hall
Title Abstract Filesort descending Primary Abstract Author
Antenatal Prediction of Disproportionate Fetal Growth and Shoulder Dystocia PDF icon Berkowitz, Dana.pdf Dana Berkowitz, BS
Identification of Pneumococcal Vaccine Candidates During Pregnancy PDF icon Bush, Ben.pdf Benjamin Bush, MD
Vaginal Stone, an Unusual Secondary Vaginal Calculi PDF icon Bush, Stephen.pdf Stephen Bush, MD, MBA
Extracting Large Uteri via Minilaparotomy at Time of Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy PDF icon Corcoran, Conor.pdf Conor Corcoran, MD
Impact of Aquacel Ag Surgical Dressing on Post-Cesarean Infections PDF icon Fambrough, Jada.pdf Jada Fambrough, MD
Does Type of Skin Prep Impact Post Cesarean Infectious Complications when Adjunctive Azithromycin Prophylaxis is Given? PDF icon McGee, Chandler.pdf Chandler McGee, MS4
Uterine Prolapse in Pregnancy PDF icon Razavian, Matthew.pdf Matthew Razavian, OMS-III
The Urinary Microbiome: A New Frontier for Framing Lower Urinary Tract Disorders PDF icon Vaughan, Monique.pdf Monique Vaughan, MD