2020 Abstract Archive

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Comprehensive Approach to Fertility and Endocrine Preservation for Reproductive Age Female Colorectal Cancer Patients: a Case Series PDF icon Chae-Kim- Abstract.pdf Jennifer Chae- Kim, MD
Acceptability of HPV Self-Collection among College Students with Focus on LGBTQ Self-Identifying Students PDF icon Chatfield- Abstract.pdf Lindsay Chatfield, MD
Vaginal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (VNOTES) Assisted Salpingo-oophorectomy at Time of Vaginal Hysterectomy in an Obstetric- Gynecologic Residency Training Program: A Pilot Study PDF icon Corcoran- Abstract.pdf Connor Corcoran, MD
Tumor Proximity to Serosal Surface as an Independent Prognostic Factor in Stage 1 Endometrial Cancer PDF icon Harbin- Abstract.pdf Laura M. Harbin, MD
Placenta Percreta Occurring with a Monochorionic Monoamniotic Twin Gestational Pregnancy PDF icon Holliday- Abstract.pdf Candice P. Holliday, JD, MD
Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy in the Vaginal Cuff a Decade After Vaginal Hysterectomy PDF icon Kahrmann- Abstract.pdf Matthew M. Kahrmann, MD
Prophylactic Negative Pressure Wound Therapy After Cesarean Delivery: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis PDF icon Kovacs- Abstract.pdf Andrew Kovacs, MD
Cervical Cancer In A Reproductive Aged Woman: Multi-Modal Fertility Preservation Strategy PDF icon Mignacca- Abstract.pdf Caroline Mignacca, MD
Low 50-Gram 1-hour Glucose Challenge Test Value Predicts Birth Weight Less than 10th Percentile: A Meta- Analysis PDF icon Mitta- Abstract.pdf Melanie Mitta, MD
Factors Affecting Successful Linkage to Treatment in a Cervical Cancer Prevention Program in Kenya PDF icon Page- Abstract.pdf Charlotte M. Page, MD
Hiatal Hernia in the Early Second Trimester PDF icon Umasankar- Abstract.pdf Nivedita Umasankar, MD
The Post Delivery Placenta: From Biowaste to Biotherapeutics Engine PDF icon Washburn- Abstract.pdf Scott A. Washburn, MD
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Current Dogma for Antenatal Genetic Counseling: Implementing Cutting-Edge Screening and Diagnostic Tools PDF icon Denney- Abstract.pdf Jeff M. Denney, MD, MS, FACOG
Post-Placental IUD Insertion Outcomes PDF icon Fisher- Abstract.pdf Kate Fisher, MD-R
Telehealth In Assisted Reproductive Technology To Improve Disparities in Access to Care in Rural Georgia PDF icon Gaidis- Abstract.pdf Anna M. Gaidis, MD
Ultrasound Diagnosis of Fetal Eye Mass PDF icon Higdon- Abstract.pdf Jennifer Higdon, MD
Initiation of an Antihypertensive Protocol: An Effort to Reduce Treatment Response Times on Labor and Delivery PDF icon High- Abstract.pdf Leigha C. High, MD
Robotically-Assisted Resection of an Isolated Ovarian Cancer Recurrence on the Left Pelvic Sidewall PDF icon Hoffman- Abstract.pdf Mitchel Hoffman, MD
Incomplete Uterine Rupture with Amniocele Following Endometrial Ablation: A Case Report PDF icon Holliday, Candice- Abstract.pdf Candice P. Holliday, JD, MD
Late Presentation of a Splenic Abscess after a Preterm Vaginal Delivery PDF icon Holliday, Nicolette - Abstract.pdf Nicolette Holliday, MD
Tertiary Wound Closure for High-Risk Patients Undergoing Gynecological Abdominal Surgery PDF icon Kelly- Abstract.pdf Michael G. Kelly, MD
Development of a Graduate Medical Education Program in Obstetrics and Gynecology in a Community-Based Hospital: Building Blocks and Rate of Progress PDF icon Long- Abstract.pdf Parker Long, MD
Utility of Ultrasonographic Markers in Fetal Gastroschisis in Predicting Time to Oral Feeding in NICU PDF icon Patel- Abstract.pdf Ashika Patel, DO
Chronic Hypersensitivity Disorders in the Post-Essure Era PDF icon Punjala-Patel- Abstract_1.pdf Advaita Punjala-Patel, MD
An Unusual Cause of Spontaneous Hemoperitoneum During Laparoscopy PDF icon Punjala-Patel- Abstract_2.pdf Advaita Punjala-Patel, MD
The Shrek Test: An Alternate Way to Identify Preterm Prelabor Rupture of Membranes? PDF icon Punjala-Patel- Abstract_3.pdf Advaita Punjala-Patel, MD
Is it GERD or is it Uterine Rupture? Case of Acute Abdomen in 21 weeks Pregnancy PDF icon Stringfellow- Abstract.pdf Sara Anne Stringfellow BS
Is Blood Transfusion a Predictor for Surgery or Hysterectomy in Patients Admitted from the Emergency Room for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding? PDF icon Timmons- Abstract.pdf Douglas Timmons, MD, MPH
Consideration of External Cephalic Version in the Setting of Fetal Skeletal Dysplasia: A Case Report PDF icon Wannamaker- Abstract_1.pdf Louise R. Wannamaker, MD
Unsuspected Postpartum Complication: A Case Report of a Post Cesarean Gastric Rupture PDF icon Wannamaker- Abstract_2.pdf Louise R. Wannamaker, MD