2017 Abstract Archive

Title Abstract Filesort descending Primary Abstract Author
Screening in Ovarian Cancer: Any Closer to the Holy Grail? PDF icon Landen- Abstract.pdf Charles Landen, Jr. MD, MS
A Case-Control Study to Determine if There Is an Association Between the Use of Aromatase Inhibitors and Prevention of Endometrial Cancer PDF icon Benrubi-Abstract.pdf Daniel Benrubi, MD
Treatment Patterns and Incidence Trends Amongst Women Diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer < Age 50 PDF icon Walker-Abstract.pdf Alexandra Walker, MD
The Prevalence of Malpositioned IUDs Among a Cohort of African American Women, and the Patient Characteristics Associated with Their Occurrence PDF icon Moshesh-Abstract.pdf Malana Moshesh, MD, MPH
Identifying Trends and Barriers to the Uptake of LARC Methods in the Postpartum Period PDF icon Klavans-Abstract.pdf Meghan Klavans, MD
Transgender Healthcare: An Introduction for the General Ob/Gyn PDF icon Redick-Abstract.pdf Dana Redick, MD
Attitudes and Practice Patterns Regarding Trial of Labor After Cesarean Delivery PDF icon Bailey-Abstract.pdf Fran Bailey, MD
McCain Award Lecture: Induction of Labor Versus Scheduled Cesarean Delivery in Patients with Morbid Obesity: A Cost Effectiveness Analysis PDF icon Hopkins-Abstract.pdf Maeve Hopkins, MD, MA
Pathways to and from Preeclampsia: A Working Perspective Beyond the Common List of Blood and Urine Markers PDF icon Denny- Abstract.pdf Jeff Denney, MD, MS
The Impact of Centering Pregnancy Group Prenatal Care on Patient Satisfaction PDF icon Meeks-Abstract.pdf Callie Meeks, MD
Comparison of Mixed vs. Non-Mixed Protocols for in Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Patients Ages 35-42 PDF icon Davis- Abstract.pdf Lauren Davis, MD
Incorporating a Nurse Midwifery Service into an Established Tertiary Care Facility Challenges and Successes PDF icon Kwiecinski- Abstract.pdf Mary Kwiecinski, CNM
Placental Mesenchymal Dysplasia: Diagnosis and Management PDF icon Kisby-Abstract.pdf Cassandra Kisby, MD
Medical Adventures in East Africa PDF icon Taylor Abstract.pdf Peyton Taylor, Jr., MD, MSc
Sweeter Dreams in Menopause PDF icon Rindos Abstract.pdf Michelle Rindos, MD
Tobacco Cessation in Pregnancy Following Standardized Education in Residency Training PDF icon Gourgue-Abstract.pdf Sasha Gourgue, MD
Sleep Disorders in Pregnancy PDF icon Street-Mini Presentation.pdf Linda Street, MD
Impact of Tobacco Abuse on Gestational Weight Gain and Pregnancy Outcome in the Obese Gravida PDF icon Street-Abstract.pdf Linda Street, MD
Customized Growth Curves for Estimating Fetal Weight PDF icon Wellbaum-Abstract.pdf Nicole Wellbaum, MD
Non-Hormonal Management of Menopause- Associated Vasomotor Symptoms PDF icon Wilson Abstract.pdf Carolyn S. Wilson, MD
When Your Daughter’s Whining may REALLY be a Medical Problem PDF icon Bacon Abstract.pdf Janice L. Bacon, MD