The SAAOG Lifetime Achievement Award

This award and lectureship has been developed to honor a current or deceased member of SAAOG and to recognize outstanding dedication and service to the medical profession in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, as exemplified by the devoted and unselfish nature of A. Cullen Richardson, MD.  Dr. Richardson was a dedicated practitioner and scientist who continued to stimulate interest in many areas of the specialty, with a particular interest in advanced gynecologic surgery.  Dr. Richardson was a past president of the SAAOG and many believe his most important contribution to the organization was the mentoring of younger physicians as well as his contemporaries who all respected and admired him. 

Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

2003 — A. Cullen Richardson, MD*

2004 — William H. Kirkley, MD

2005 — Mason Cooke Andrews, MD*

2006 — Robert G. Brame, MD*

2007 — Edgar O. Horger, III, MD

2008 — Paul G. McDonough, MD

2009 — Thomas K. Young, MD

2010 — Leo J. Dunn, MD

2011 — Charles B. Hammond, MD

2012 — Luella Klein, MD

2013 — Paul B. Underwood, Jr., MD

2014 — Alfred H. Moffett, Jr., MD

2015 — Willette Lewis LeHew, MD

2016 — Ronald Vaughn Wade, MD

2017 — Lawrence D. Devoe, MD

2018 — Robert C. Nuss, MD

2019 — Mary Blanchard, MD*

2020 — Dorothy Mitchell-Leef, MD

2022 — JoAnn V. Pinkerton, MD

2023 — Haywood Brown, MD



John R. McCain Award Recipients

1995 - 57th Annual Meeting
Barbara C. Moore, MD
Carolinas Medical Center – Charlotte, NC

1996 - 58th Annual Meeting
Carla P. Roberts, MD, PhD
Atlanta, GA

1997 – 59th Annual Meeting
Stephen T. Vermillion, MD
Charleston, SC

1998 – 60th Annual Meeting
Christopher D. Williams, MD
Carolinas Medical Center – Charlotte, NC

1999 – 61st Annual Meeting
Madhuri Kurup, MD

2000 – 62nd Annual Meeting
A. M. Kooba, MD
Univ. South Carolina Medical School – Charleston, SC

2001 – 63rd Annual Meeting
Shawn Stallings, MD
Winston-Salem, NC

2002 – 64th Annual Meeting
Emma J. Sims, MD

2003 – 65th Annual Meeting
Amanda Cotter, MD
UM – Miami, FL

2004 – 66th Annual Meeting
Amy Cooper, MD
MUSC – Charleston, SC

2005 – 67th Annual Meeting
Vickie M. McKinnie, MD
MUSC – Charleston, SC

2006 – 68th Annual Meeting
Wayne H. Friedman, MD
Savannah, GA

2007 – 69th Annual Meeting
Samuel Campbell, MD
Richmond, VA

2008 – 70th Annual Meeting
Ryan M. Riggs, MD
Norfolk, VA

2009 – 71st Annual Meeting
Ali Al Housseini, MD
Augusta, GA

2011 – 73rd Annual Meeting
Hema M. Doshi, MD
MUSC – Charleston, SC

2012 – 74th Annual Meeting
Charlie Pickens, Jr., MD
Durham, NC

2013 – 75th Annual Meeting
Patrick Teefey, MD
USF – Tampa, FL

2014 – 76th Annual Meeting
Daniel Benrubi, MD
UF – Jacksonville, FL

2015 – 77th Annual Meeting
Adriane Haragan, MD
MUSC – Charleston, SC

2016 – 78th Annual Meeting
Xujia AS Smith, MD
MUSC – Charleston, SC

2017 – 79th Annual Meeting
Maeve Hopkins, MD, MA
Durham, NC

2018 – 80th Annual Meeting
Blake D. Butterworth, MD
Charleston, SC

2019 – 81st Annual Meeting
Brian Burnett, MD
Winston-Salem, NC

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Monday, June 27, 2016 - 14:00